We are currently needing more members in order to establish committees. Please consider joining us and helping us with this endeavor!


  • Organizes and sponsors networking events and fundraisers

  • Collaborates with other organizations


  • Recruits and processes membership, distributes information and coordinates member services

  • Organizes professional networking and recruitment events

  • Maintains membership archives


  • Sponsors continuing education seminars, workshops and symposiums

  • Coordinates licensure preparation resources and community education forums

  • Provides professional support and a information network for Black social workers and human service students

Special Events:

  • Organizes and sponsors Networking Events and fundraisers

  • Collaborates with other organizations

Family Preservation:

  • Advocates on behalf of Black families and culturally sensitive permanency planning

  • Community Affair (Policy Community Organization):

  • Implements specialized projects and services to support the Black community.

  • Disseminates Information and networks with agencies and professional organizations

Communication Committee:

  • Monitors and maintains website

  • Reviews and approves information for distribution or publication

Employment Committee:

  • Maintains lists of available professional employment opportunities and internships in social work and human services in the Oregon/Portland Metro Area

Student Affairs Committee:

  • Convene Black students from the schools of social work/ and human services workers to create and cultivate community. This occurs by holding two events during the academic year.

  • Provide some support by way of a book scholarship, a mentor if requested.

  • Provide opportunities to participate in the Chapter’s activities.

  • Locally, participate in clothing drive, hosting of community Kwanzaa celebration, and a culturally relevant education workshop.

  • Attendance at the Annual National Conference and the opportunity to join one of its nationwide committees.