Oregon Association of Black Social Workers

It's 2024 - Happy

 Black HIstory MOnth!!


The Oregon Association of Black Social Workers (Or-ABSW) is comprised of dedicated people of African ancestry who are committed to the development, healing and nurturing of the African community in Oregon, Portland Metro Area.

The Oregon Association of Black Social Workers are a local component of the National Association of Black Social Workers that  provides a structure and forum through which Black social workers and those in  related  fields can exchange  ideas, offer services, and develop programs in the interest of the Black  community. We are a private professional culturally oriented service organization comprised  of  social workers and community workers  in related fields of human services who make their skills available  to  individuals, groups and agencies for  the alleviation of the numerous problems confronting the  Black  community. 

The members of OrABSW welcome your attendance and participation at our monthly general meetings which are held the second Thursday of every month virtually, and we hope to visit in person for regular meetings soon. If you are interested in joining the monthly meeting please  email: Info@oregonabsw.org.                



Deadline was May 15, 2023

Please check back March 1, 2024 for this year's Application