Membership is open to all persons of African descent regardless of degree status or professional identification. Commitment to our Code of Ethics is the second requirement for membership eligibility.

In addition to being connected to other Oregonian Black Social Workers, we provide a college scholarship for a person who is interested in attending college for a social work related field. You may receive consult support from other Black and brown therapists, and be able to hear from others about how they are supporting clients using the principles of Nguzo Saba.  By joining OrABSW, you would ultimately be supporting the Black community in need of our advocacy, expertise and knowledge to help advance policy, research and education.  Members are automatically a part of the National Association and therefore have access to first hand information offered by NABSW.  

The National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc. works to create a world in which people of Black African ancestry will live free from racial domination, economic exploitation, and cultural oppression. In collaboration with national, international, and other appropriate groups, NABSW will continue to leverage its collective expertise to strategically develop the capacity of people of Black African ancestry to sustain and flourish.

NABSW’s vision is guided by the Principles of the Nguzo Saba, which are Unity, Self-determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith, and the Seven Cardinal Virtues of Ma’at, which are Righteousness, Truth, Justice, Order, Reciprocity, Balance, and Harmony. Here in Oregon, we have an opportunity to create a foundation for our community that represents our region, and our specific needs.  We look forward to hearing more about you!

Members can expect: